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Welcome to Littlefoot's world. Join him on his travels to find the rest of his kind while avoiding sight of humans and other creatures. Littlefoot is a procedurally generated stealth platformer. The player must hide and avoid being sighted by the humans, while also being mindful of the obstacles.

Game made by Adrian Harrell(programming) and Della Martinez(art).

wasd to move and e to roar and interact




littlefoot 5 MB


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Really late to the party here but this onl'y appeared on Itch today (for me) so I had a play and did a video. I know you've moved on to other projects but I'ld like to wish you all the best.




interesting concept and gorgeous visuals! i really love the stylized environments.

thanks! :)


nice visuals, but the gameplay could use some improvements

Could you elaborate on what would need to be improved?


Well, that was interesting... and hard... :)


I love the visuals :)


thanks !


thank you! :D


Had lots of fun working on this with you! Hope to work on more jams in the future :D

for sure !!